Well, duh.

I don’t watch much TV and I don’t follow the royals except when they do something amusingly stupid, but I watched the Meghan & Harry interview with Oprah and read some of the follow-up fallout to (rolls eyes) Her Majesty et al. Here then are my important insights, so pay attention.

  1. Let me see if I have this straight. A group of overly-privileged white people (a monarchy) who believe their deservedly extravagant existence (on the backs of taxpayers) is derived from a (white) bloodline superior to all others is now concerned about charges of racism?
  2. The wavy strand of hair blowing in the luxurious Santa Barbara breeze that too often found its way to Meghan Markle’s mouth was annoying. I have never understood the tendril hairstyle quirk.
  3. I’m glad Harry escaped, but want them both to shut up now and do some good. Quietly and anonymously.

That is all. Carry on, but not before you enjoy the first two paragraphs of this article in the Irish Times.

3 responses to “Well, duh.”

  1. Glad I paid attention😊. Also thanks for the article link. I read the whole thing, and now am even more done with it all. Except I want to see pics of their kids. And maybe their rescue chickens.

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    1. Also, I want you to know I have your blog pinned to my Favorites. I check it every day to see if you’ve posted, but you’re worse than I am about posting!


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