Am I still here?

Well hell. It looks like it.

In that case, might as well try a new look for the blog so you won’t notice that I haven’t written anything in a month.

The Two Things page may not get updated anytime soon because now that a walking mental disorder and his presidential* shitshow have invaded our national psyche like a black, fetid plague, I’m having trouble piecing together even one good thing to enjoy about life, except going to sleep at night so I don’t have to think about the havoc he’s wreaked on decency and democracy in less than a month.

So, random …

. . .  For Cancerland residents (think of us as a retirement community in Arizona), tonight’s ALCF Living Room (Addario Lung Cancer Foundation) had an informative session on liquid biopsy.  Even if you aren’t a resident and you like science, it was interesting. Biology is a thrill, I tell ya, a stone thrill.

. . . Today my grandson wrote a letter to NASA asking if they could build a cloning machine. If they could, would they please send him one as soon as possible so he could “clone mommies.” This after his mother could not extend their Legos session to forever because she had to cook dinner and was just one person and, therefore, could not play with him and cook at the same time.

. . . When you get old, here’s what you spend your money on:  car repair and plumbing, and the occasional grocery sack or two of food. Over and over and over again.  That’s it. That’s your life.

. . . Oh wait. I just thought of one good thing:  Melissa McCarthy on SNL. Brilliant.

. . . Oh, here’s another:  Maru the cat.  (H/T to Roxie D. at Zuzu’s Barn)  Note: You might not find this funny or even remotely interesting if you do not have a Scottish Fold cat, or if you are not a cat person, or if you are not addled and strange like me, a shell of a person now reduced to sharing cat videos.  If so, you are excused from watching. No hard feelings. I understand. However, my daughter has a Scottish Fold and they are the comedians of cats. Really, they’re hilarious.

. . . Oh, and my friend Jerry’s Greek Lemon Rice Soup. Stuff’s addicting. I don’t eat animals, so I use Edward & Sons Not Chick’n Cubes, which my husband cannot discern from chicken broth and I don’t tell him.

So, there are three good things, but that’s it. That’s all I got today. Well, it’s not all, but it’s the best of what I got today.  Trust me, you don’t want the dregs.

5 responses to “Am I still here?”

  1. Dear Maizie, I’m in love with Maru. Your friend, Roxie D.

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    1. That’s where I saw it! When I was writing the post yesterday I kept thinking I need to acknowledge where I saw the Maru video, but chemobrain and all I couldn’t remember the source. Over 24 hours, you know. I was hoping someone would come forward.

      So, everyone. ATTENTION. A hat tip and thanks to Roxie D for introducing me to Maru. I’ll edit the post.

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      1. We’re really happy you love Maru, but we need no credit. Just spread the smiles that crazy animal brings out. We need all the smiles we can get. That’s why Roxie loves to share her own nutty ideology in her Roxie Dammit posts.


  2. Oh, Maizie, I’ll take thee things from you any time because you always, even after I’ve had terrible, awful rotten no-good day (to quote the delightful children’s book about Alexander’s day) make me smile, chuckle and laugh aloud. I share your attitude about the “black, fetid plague” that has invaded the White House, somas days I need a good laugh. I go to bed worried and wake up each morning wondering what fresh hell has been unleashed. And only knowing Melissa McCarthy might be on SNL gives me hope. So thank you for my giggles.

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