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The world is crap-full of cruelty, greed and corruption. It is owned now by worthless, soulless, vile, evil, depraved opportunists and grifters (most of whom occupy public office) over-consuming, money-worshiping, misguided, willfully ignorant, gullible, fearful, sad souls devoid of empathy or instinct or curiosity who’ve been conned into believing and/or being scared to death of “the other” and what isn’t true, ignoring the importance of citizenship, the meaning of ecology and the obligation to stewardship by living lives in contradiction to their own and humanity’s best interests.  It’s a violent, depressing, heartbreaking world full of unnecessary war and tears and pain and suffering and innocent children are the ones who suffer the most.  I hold no great optimism it will get better, but hope is inherent in all of us, I guess. Even me. I’m not long for it and I sure as hell won’t miss it, though. But I’m glad I was here.

Making it all the more important for me to cherish the abundance  of little things that fill me with peace and wonder and joy and make my small life worth living.  There is much I do not have, did not see or did not do that I regret.  I cannot turn back time, but I can and do appreciate what is before me.

What about you?  What keeps you above it?

  • the first sip of the first cup of coffee
  • swimming laps in a heated pool on a cold night and being the only one in the pool
  • walking with my dog in the still of a frigid, clear night
  • the moon  —  I can never get enough of the moon.
  • my grandchildren
  • books
  • Pens, pencils and paper — especially Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks and my 0.7mm Coffee Brown Pilot Juice Gel Ink pen, but blue is okay, too.
  • the guitar solo from The Eagles’ Hotel California
  • the marks the vacuum cleaner leaves on a rug
  • fresh peaches
  • eating watermelon with my grandson and watching him carefully sprinkle exactly the right amount of salt
  • the ocean and all its secrets
  • fried egg sandwiches with Durkee’s
  • spaghetti and meatballs (back when I ate meat) – my daughter’s especially
  • a good haircut
  • wrinkled-mouth dogs
  • dogs, cats and the wonder of all animals
  • The New Yorker magazine covers
  • Calvin & Hobbes, especially Hobbes’s face
  • nature
  • my sweet little Spode pitcher
  • a starry sky
  • my mother’s persistence and courage
  • my grandfather. I never appreciated how much he sacrificed for me until it was too late to tell him.
  • fall colors
  • science and scientists
  • Christmas lights and music
  • a Strauss waltz
  • bookstores, on a cold winter day or a warm summer night
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • stillness, silence
  • sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • Rosalind Russell
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Mary Oliver’s poetry
  • wind chimes
  • birthday cakes with white icing
  • “Auntie Mame”
  • board games
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • bird baths and the birds that frequent them
  • ceiling fans on the low, lazy setting
  • Ellen DeGeneres

16 replies

  1. Uh-oh. Is it too late to go back and edit that “About” page comment?

    (My Cat Creed: The only good cat is an indoor cat. That acts like a dog. That isn’t allowed up on counters or tables. That looks like a Siamese or Russian Blue. Okay, or those weird Cornish Rexes, ’cause they are doggish.

    All rules broken for kittens. Of course.)


  2. Jeez–Typical: Didn’t even respond to your post! Yes, and a whole bunch of yeses (that really ought to be “yesses”, yes?).

    And thank you for reminding me about fried egg sandwiches–had literally forgotten all about their existence! They’d just fallen off the food radar. Back on now. Yum! 🙂


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