Hey there.  It’s been a while.

My latest scans (September) were clear. Again. Another 3-month reprieve.

I’m clear a year after my last chemo, 18 months after diagnosis. Not notable by lung cancer survival statistics, but considering I didn’t think I’d be around at all, it’s somethin’.

I’m doing very well, aside from the pesky daytime sleepiness and fatigue that came on in March and won’t go away.

I had every intention of blogging more.  Really, I did. I was out of the fog of having to work through every day not being doomsday.  I had a clearer vision of what I wanted to accomplish on the blog.

But then came November 9th.

I’ve been as despondent in these few weeks after the election as I was in the weeks and months after learning I had cancer. It was the same feeling.

No kidding.   If you want to know what it’s like getting a cancer diagnosis, you just did, on November 9th.

I’m not going to start posting links to articles about the nightmare that is about to engulf us all because it’s over and done and it’s pointless.  But this one merits a mention.

And on that note, a little Dead to cheer us up.

18 responses to “PTSD”

  1. Did i miss something? did you have your PET scan already? Or as in the aftermath of the 8th? If yes, I stand next to you. I’m worried about the future of research and health care.


  2. Sorry, I guess I better update the post a bit. Thanks!


  3. Me too assuming you’re talking about the election.


  4. Yes, I was. I changed it a bit so maybe it makes more sense?


  5. Yep. We have to give him a chance but he DOES NOT GET A BY!


  6. Wow, that’s the most striking analogy (i.e., diagnosis & election morning-after) I’ve heard. Excellent.


    1. Much like being pushed off a cliff.


  7. “Fuzz therapy” now ! (See today’s–Monday, 12/5/16–Calvin & Hobbes.)

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    1. Absolutely! I saw that this morning and loved it. Much better that that onion in the play story.
      : )


    (Donald Cochrane / John Hill)
    Susan Christie – 1966

    . . .

    I don’t like rain or snow or hail
    Or Moby Dick the Great White Whale
    But mmm, I love onions!

    I don’t like shoes that pinch your toes
    Or people who squirt you with a garden hose
    But mmm, I love onions!

    Onions, onions, la-la-la!
    Onions, onions, ha-ha-ha!
    Root doot doot-doot, doot doot doot!

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  9. First, I’m very happy to read that your scans were good. You didn’t have a lot of treatment options, and I haven’t heard of many people finding themselves NED after chemo.

    Like you, I have December scans on the horizon. Once again it’s forward into the unknown.

    November 9th was a horrible day and each factor that got us to where we are as a nation now is very discouraging. Maybe resistance is futile… I tend towards optimism and resisting feels better than hiding, so I am choosing that path. It’s an odd feeling knowing that I’m not likely to be around long enough to see this story completely play out.

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    1. Hi Anita! I’ve neglected the blog over the holidays, so apologies for just now seeing your comment. I need to look at FB more, too, but I won’t. However, I did notice you have a new post up at SFK. Nice!

      Really? You haven’t heard of many people finding themselves NED after chemo? I didn’t realize that. I had radiation with supporting chemo, so perhaps that’s more common.


  10. Ahhh…the disbelief, sadness, concern for our loved ones, wondering if it’s survivable……yes, there was definately a similarity of emotions for me r/t diagnosis and Nov.9.
    The article from your link was excellent.
    As far as the tiredness and sleepiness, have you had your thyroid re-checked lately? I had the same sx and after 6 mo my fatigue was so bad the doctor tested and found the chemo had smashed my thyroid levels. It was an easy fix. Just say’n
    I’m so glad to hear your scans were clear.

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    1. As I just apologized to Anita, I’m so sorry for the delay in replying to comments.

      Mercy — and I’ve always wanted to know how you got that nickname — thanks for the thyroid suggestion.

      Yep, I had it checked, all normal. I did the sleep study for sleep apnea. Negative on that, too. The symptoms have subsided considerably in the last month. I’ve looked at everything I was doing, any meds I was taking and could only come up with one possibility: Breo Ellipta, the inhaler I was using once a day. I know, it’s anecdotal, but the sx started about 5 weeks after I started the Breo and gradually subsided after I stopped using it altogether. I also blame it for my rapid onset cataracts.
      Who knows.

      How long since your chemo?

      Good to hear from you! Again, I wish I could read YOUR blog. : )

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  11. What wonderful news, Maizie. I’m so happy for your medical news; and, under the adage of misery loving company, I also liked learning that your spirits crashed as completely as mine on the night of November 8 and in the days following. I still wake up at night worrying about our country. The excellent link you provided didn’t comfort me but did make me feel less alone in my worries. It is so good to be able to spend a little time with you again, my friend. Doing so was a happy surprise on this cold winter morning when Trump’s latest appointment is a labor secretary who doesn’t believe in the minimum wage etc. etc. etc.

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    1. And an apology to you, too, AB. I’ve been so depressed because of the election, I spend a lot of time with my dogs on long, long walks instead of reading blogs and posting on this one.

      So nice knowing I have you and my other cyberpals to commiserate with. You’re right, it helps knowing you’re not alone.

      See your name in the comments always prompts a smile. I look forward to your wisdom, humor and beautiful writing.


  12. Private Bad Thoughts Avatar
    Private Bad Thoughts

    Great song choice, stay strong! ❤

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