Cancer teaches many lessons.  The main one being don’t sweat the small stuff.

This story is about what happens when you sweat the small stuff in affluent suburbia came by way of Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.  (By the way, Kevin is a fellow citizen of Cancerland.)

It’s very sad and makes me wonder why people with so much would waste their lives on revenge for some perceived slight.

I’m not even sure why I’m sharing it except to remind myself and all of you of the lesson.

Another lesson from cancer:  Dance while you can.  So move it.

Two Things

  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Dancing

5 responses to “Lessons”

  1. Just read that story from one end to the other. I knew it would be a good read if you recommended it and, wow, it was.

    I went to a summer stock production of Hairspray tonight, and singing and dancing are two marvels of the universe. It was the last night of the show’s run, and it was touching to see how bonded the members of the cast were with each other.

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  2. That was a juicy read, Maizie, but I liked the video better and preferred its lesson..

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  3. I finished the story of the Easter’s self-induced snowball ride into hell. Whew.
    I think the best lesson is from Bruno Mars who has probably performed this song a hundred times, yet brings fresh joy by sharing his funk and dancing, like it was the first time. I like his lesson: put your heart into it and DANCE.

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