Sorry, lot full


Yesterday I drove to Houston and MD Anderson. I had no appointments, just picked up a prescription.

The parking lot at the Main Building was full.  So was Valet Parking.  They put those orange traffic cones across the entrance when Valet Parking is full. This always makes me sad.  It usually means too many people are inside the building finding out they have cancer.

The Main Building lobby was crowded.  Lots of people, some of them clutching new patient packets, looking at maps, asking for directions.

Wondering if they’ll ever find their lives again.

Two Things

  • New note pads  – Do you smoothe out that first sheet with your hand?
  • Ceiling fans  – on the low, lazy setting



4 responses to “Sorry, lot full”

  1. Though I don’t have cancer, I’m at risk; so I have blood tests and go to an oncologist every three months. The experience of going to the clinic makes me sad as well in a way you described perfectly with the poignant line, “Wondering if they’ll ever find their lives again.” And, yes, though I’d never thought about it, I do smooth out notepads and, like you, I take pleasure in ceiling fans when they’re not too busy.

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  2. We travel to Johns Hopkins every month, as my husband Charley has been involved in clinical studies to find a cure for advanced prostate cancer. This month we’ll be going to a conference in DC and he will speak from a patient’s perspective on the topic of medication and treatment:”Financial Toxicity”. Dealing with cancer has so many facets and many of them are daunting. We, too, see how many lives this disease is touching and hope to do our part in finding a cure which will end this suffering. Keep up the good fight and make sure you share it with as many people as possible.


    1. Hi Claremary (beautiful name) and welcome to DearMaizie. Thanks so much for your comment. Holding your husband in my thoughts and three cheers to him for his advocacy. You’re absolutely right, cancer is multi-faceted and daunting. You don’t realize this until you have cancer.

      I’m really enjoying your blog!

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      1. Dear Maizie’s Mom. My blog is a bit unsure of where it is and where it will go in the future. I’ve been writing every week or so about something that is on my mind at the time. Of course, lately, I’ve been writing about other things as a distraction, as my mind is much taken with the politics of the day. I do believe the good people in our country are coming forward when we most need to see them and that has me very hopeful. Next week. I’ll be writing about our experience in Washington, DC at the conference. I’m not sure what we will find out, but I’ll share the info with my readers. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by to visit. 💙

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