It’s clear to me

October 2016 update:  No one with a medical degree told me the cataracts I developed  were from chemo.  I just assumed they were.  Until I started probing more.  I keep a journal of meds, symptoms, etc.  because I can’t remember what I took and when without writing it down.  Looking back through the journal I noticed that my cataracts appeared within 6 weeks of starting once daily use of the inhaler Breo Ellipta. Breo lists cataracts and eye inflammation as side effects. Just sayin.

In addition to “chemo curls,” which I probably shouldn’t admit I’m starting to enjoy because now I look like every other old woman with short, gray hair,  another fine parting gift chemotherapy gives you is cataracts. If not new ones, the rapid advancement of existing ones.

I had lens replacement surgery on my left eye this morning.  Took ten minutes.

As the kidz say, O.M.G.

We’re going to have to move to a new house now because now I can see every speck of dirt in every worn corner of this old house.

Also, the wrinkles on my face. Where did those come from?  Must be the new lens adjusting.  It will clear up I’m sure.

Also, I think there’s any extra cat or two living here I didn’t see before.

Beats all, this modern medicine.

Thanks, cancer!

9 responses to “It’s clear to me”

  1. You continue to amaze….in major ways! Raye

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  2. Hi Raye! What’s amazin’ was how bad my vision was! Hope you’re doing well.


  3. Anita Figueras Avatar
    Anita Figueras

    Cataract surgery is one of the great, great advances. A true miracle. I go to the doctor next week to find out why I’m having rapid vision changes and if this is what is prescribed, I’m jumping in with both feet.

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    1. Hi Anita! You’re absolutely right. I had no idea it would be this amazing because I really had no idea how bad it was.

      They do one eye at a time, so now when I cover my treated left eye and look through the untreated right eye, it’s like looking through a really, really dirty yellow windshield.

      Colors are brilliant. I had no idea how white white is!

      AND… not only was the cataract removed, but they can customize your vision, too. I chose the intermediate and distance blended option.

      Just unbelievable. Let me know how your doctor visit goes. You have my email address.


  4. I remember when I had my surgery. I was terrified to go home because we had built a new home the year before and I was convinced I wouldn’t like the colors I picked. The difference between the treated and untreated eye was amazing. Everything was so bright. I didn’t have any issues and had a speedy recovery. The only thing is that the “adjustable lens inserts” were just coming out and aside from being very expensive, the doctor couldn’t give me any sense of how well I would do with them. Now I wish I had them. I need glasses for reading. Oh yes, curly hair rocks!

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    1. Yes! The brightness and crispness are amazing. Since they do one eye at a time I can cover my “new eye” and see how dingy everything looked through my right eye. The difference is unbelievable.

      Thanks, Kate!

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      1. I remember. They said I could wait a while but after I saw the difference I went in for the second one within a few weeks.

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  5. Oh, Maizie, you started my day with laughter. Thank you. I admire the way you find humor in difficult situations. I think you are what my grandma used to call plucky. Having had cataract surgery on one eye two years ago and another scheduled next month, I identified with every word you wrote, especially the dirt in corners I had thought clean and the wrinkles, oh my, the wrinkles. But I also discovered that my husband was better looking than I thought. I wonder if he’ll improve even more after I have the second eye done.

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