To the moon, Alice…

I’m not an effusive person, but I did (kinda) jump up and (kinda) shout “Yes!” during last night’s State of the Union address when President Obama announced Vice President Biden, who recently lost his son Beau to cancer, would be “mission control” in a Moonshot for Cancer.

So, yea/yay for  MY PEEPS (And your peeps, too, whereever you get treatment.)

Also, I found this interesting.  It was linked in the Forbes article.

5 responses to “To the moon, Alice…”

  1. You continue to bolster my faith in humankind. Positive energy emanates. Where to stand? In your glow…

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    1. Now don’t go making me cry!


  2. I was excited as well, Maizie, first because the President’s statement signaled an organized attempt to take on cancer, and second because I love Joe Biden. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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  3. Both reasons I was excited. Thanks for your comment.


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