Ride like the wind

My unused bicycle has been languishing on my patio for a while now, collecting various patio chaff.

I bought it at a garage sale and used it to go back and forth to my daughter’s house two streets away.

I love that old-time bike. It has a removable mesh basket on the front.  I used to put my grandson in the basket when he was a baby and ride him around their cul-de-sac  —  often to the horror of my daughter.   He could sit up by himself by that time so he fit perfectly in the basket, where he could see over the top, feel the wind in his face and squeal with delight.

My daughter and her family moved to a larger house a little farther away but not a bikeable distance for me because of the traffic.  Aside from a couple of trips to the grocery store, I stopped riding my bike. I’m going to donate it to my favorite local charity.

My bike carried casseroles and soap and diapers and left-behind nighttime bears.  And enough memories to make me glad I’m alive.

Two Things

6 responses to “Ride like the wind”

  1. Oh, what a wonderful image, of you riding that old bike with your little grandson in the basket! Love it!


  2. It was a wonderful feeling!


  3. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please check my post for details.


  4. Dearmazie, I have often wondered how Miss Gulch kept that long dress from tangling in the bicycle chain. I looked closely, but could see no chain on her bike. Now I’m wondering how the bike moved?

    I gave my bike to my granddaughter and she uses it at college. I loved that bike.


  5. Schmidley, I think Miss Gulch’s bike moved on its own, out of fear!
    I’m sure your granddaughter is making good use of your bike. I live in a college town and I wish more students rode bikes instead of jamming up traffic with so many cars.


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