Door-ty dancing

I have lots of rhythm. Lots. More than most white people. Dancing  came naturally to me.

As a kid I loved to dance, but never with anybody except maybe my mother.

Growing up, I was tall and shy and very self-conscious about my height (and everything else). I never once got asked or went to a dance or danced at all in public, except ballet class or recital.

Dancing with the door and Bandstand, I burned ’em up though.

Did you dance? With real people or the door? My door could really dance, but he was such a square….. ba-dum-shee.

Chris Montez is still around.  I bet he looks the same.  Just like we do.

5 responses to “Door-ty dancing”

  1. I was very self-conscious about dancing well into my thirties. I had three left feet. But at the annual law firm holiday party one year it occurred to me that I had two choices: dance or talk to other lawyers. I’ve been dancing ever since.


    1. Good choice! (Kidding, I’m kidding.)
      Sorry to say even that wouldn’t have enticed me to the dance floor.


  2. The refrigerator door was my best partner. We jitterbugged really well but slow dancing was a little tough. My Mom would yell when we got into it so badly that the door pulled open spilling out the cold.


  3. Thanks for this blog poost


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