Door-ty dancing

I have lots of rhythm. Lots. More than most white people. Dancing  came naturally to me.

As a kid I loved to dance, but never with anybody except maybe my mother.

Growing up, I was tall and shy and very self-conscious about my height (and everything else). I never once got asked or went to a dance or danced at all in public, except ballet class or recital.

Dancing with the door and Bandstand, I burned ’em up though.

Did you dance? With real people or the door? My door could really dance, but he was such a square….. ba-dum-shee.

Chris Montez is still around.  I bet he looks the same.  Just like we do.

5 thoughts on “Door-ty dancing

  1. I was very self-conscious about dancing well into my thirties. I had three left feet. But at the annual law firm holiday party one year it occurred to me that I had two choices: dance or talk to other lawyers. I’ve been dancing ever since.


  2. The refrigerator door was my best partner. We jitterbugged really well but slow dancing was a little tough. My Mom would yell when we got into it so badly that the door pulled open spilling out the cold.


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