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Mondegreens and elephants

“..memories and elephants are playin’ in the band.”

All these years I’ve been singing that lyric to CCR’s, “Looking Out My Back Door.”

I never thought much about it because (a)I’m a melody person and, (b) I never liked that song very much so I didn’t pay attention to the words. But it seemed to make sense because those two words, elephants and memories, are often linked, as in the memory of an elephant.

But, the other day I heard the song and thought to myself, ‘that doesn’t make any sense at all. Memories and elephants playing in a band? ‘Ol John must have been one toke over the line on that one.”

So I Googled it and discovered the actual words are,

“..tambourines and elephants…”

Which makes no more sense than it did before.

This, however, is one of my favorites.  And here’s more about mondegreens from one of my favorite blogs.


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