Afternoon Music

There are many versions of this gorgeous song. Frank Sinatra’s is one of my favorites, as is Barbra Streisand’s. And, of course, Judi Collins.

I chose this one by Judi Dench because she played Desiree in the London production of A Little Night Music, and I think it best conveys the meaning and feeling of the song.

Also because she is just exquisite.

6 responses to “Afternoon Music”

  1. I have always loved Judi Dench and had no idea she sings! Now I love her more.


  2. Good! She’s amazing.


  3. I was in tears by the end of this song. She is magnificent. Thank you sooooooooo much for posting this. Patsye


    1. It gets me every time I watch it, too. Glad you enjoyed it. Stop by and cry anytime!


    1. Thanks, I love it, too.

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