Remember when I said I thought I was about to get my ass kicked?

Well, I managed to ditch ’em with a few fake-out maneuvers.

For now.   But it won’t be long before they catch up and prolly mad as hell, too.

But that’s another day. You learn to be happy with one day at a time when you have cancer. (Note to all y’all:   You should consider this concept, even if you don’t have cancer.)

So, here was my damn fine day at MD Anderson World:

I went to my painless radiation treatment with the lovely Melissa, my radiation therapist from Buffalo, New York.  I wandered the halls of the Main Building (so many different people, so international!), browsed the shelves of the Patient and Family Library (it’s worth the trip to meet the volunteers), walked the Skybridge to Mays Clinic  for exercise, picked up some handouts and a nifty free Personal Health Manager folder (some irony there) at the Patient Education Center, made an appointment for a massage and meditation classes at the Integrative Medicine Center, worked on a jigsaw puzzle at one of the Hospitality Centers, sauntered through one of the 4 or 5 gift shops (just like Disney World!), bought some popcorn for $4.99 (also like Disney World), walked back across on the Skybridge (which does have a shuttle by the way, just like Disney World) to the Main Building, then ambled outside eating my $4.99 popcorn, just in time to catch the hotel shuttle, which had only two other passengers, so no cranky people talking.  Yay/yea!

Who knew cancer could be such fun?

4 responses to “Vay-cay”

  1. Love you! Keep us laughing. I’m right there with you!


    1. I count on that, sustah!


  2. You sound like a tourist where you are…..which sounds like a good way to approach it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, nice place to visit but don’t wanna live there.


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