I’ll be starting cancer treatment soon. Radiation and chemotherapy.

Why do I get the feeling that I’m about to walk down a dark alley, on a moonless night, in a bad neighborhood, in a strange city, and a whole bunch of the town’s Baddest Gang members — all with chains, brass knuckles and baseball bats — is coming toward me?

17 thoughts on “Ruh-roh

    1. The next post I do I’d like to quote some of your speech and link to it. There were a couple of things that really made an impression on me.
      Thank you so much!


  1. Dearmaizie, reframe and think of this battle another way. YOU and your oncologist and radiologist are the Baddest Gang members and you’re going after every last one of those low-life cancer cells. They can run but they can’t hide! You may not know where you are but you’re NOT lost in that bad part of town. Look at those people behind you rushing forward in your defense, and to show you the way. You’ll win. Stay strong.

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      1. I read your vaycay post and you sound encouraged by all the good people on your side. My blog is closed to family only, because one member is well known, and we want to privately be our outrageous selves!
        I’ve been in that dark place where the future is unknown. Everything changes. Lean on family when your knees are shaking. Positive thoughts sent your way.


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