Just in case

She clips the coupon for the HoneyBaked Ham,
just in case

And puts it in her purse,
just in case

At Target, she buys sweet candy and colorful baskets,
just in case

She dyes eggs, makes potato salad, arranges flowers
just in case

She tries to smile,
just in case

4 responses to “Just in case”

  1. I feel such sadness as I read and re-read “just in case”.

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  2. Anita Figueras Avatar
    Anita Figueras

    I immediately started hearing “Eleanor Rigby” in my mind as I read this. Very sad.

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    1. Oh, that’s funny! It could have been her. A very elderly (’cause I’m just elderly) woman I saw at Target. Made me sad.

      Hope you’re doing better, Anita.


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