Cat scans

Adorable Dora, who never grew past pixie size.

I was working on a post about the persistent, underlying, aggravating, self-absorbing fear that takes over your life when you have cancer, but I’ll save it for another day.

I have quarterly CT/PET scans coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’m in the midst of fending off a little bout of “scanxiety.”  It gets easier as time goes on, but it’s still very tiring and very annoying and there’s just so much you can stand of thinking about yourself, you know?

So… let’s talk about something else.

I know. How about cats!

My sweet neighbor sent me an email with the subject “To a great cat-saver.”  (Hmm, wonder if she meant “cat-saver” as in cat rescuer or if she meant “cat-saver” as in hoarder? Could be both, I guess.)

Anyway, it’s cute and it made me smile in between the aches and pains I just know are signs of explosive metastases.

My great aunt was a writer and a cat lover (also a Christian Scientist married to a doctor, but that’s another story).  She often wrote poems like this one, so it made me smile to think of her, too.

Stray Cat

Oh, what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you, homeless to my gate?
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth and food.

For from that day I ceased to be
The master of my destiny.
While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house, The Law.

He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed.
He ruled in arrogance and pride
And broke my heart the day he died.

So if you really think, oh cat,
I’d willingly relive all that
Because you come, forlorn and thin
Well . . . don’t just stand there . . . come on in!

Franic Witham

10 responses to “Cat scans”

  1. Love the poem and yes, I get the anxiety. I am now out 14 years from my cancer episode and every few years there is a scare. A shadow. It’s now clear. Another test. Perhaps a biopsy. So far everything has been negative but I dread my annual checkup. (Yes I’m on annual now. Yay!) Sending you positive energy.

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    1. I knew you would understand. It’s so aggravating because under normal circumstances I could explain every little ache and pain I have, but now it’s different. Grrr.

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  2. Rachel McAlpine Avatar
    Rachel McAlpine

    What an excellent strategy. And the poem is one big smile.

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  3. Dang…I can’t figure out how to reply with a meme that’s perfect for the occasion. …..It shows about 50 cats staring at the camera with the words “I can’t talk right now, I’m getting a cat scan”. ( It loses a lot without the picture. : ) Yes, those aches and pains can mess with your mind.

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    1. Oh, that’s perfect! (Or should I say purrfect!) Wish I had that picture!


  4. I had what I like to call, “A slight case of cancer” that shook me up, but never required chemo; although, I did have six weeks of daily radiation. I was so fortunate. Wishing only good scans in your future!

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    1. Ha! “A slight case of cancer.” I love it!

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      1. I’m not going to lie, when I heard the word “cancer” I cried, but after doing my research realized I’d gotten really lucky.

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  5. I love cats(but for various reasons I haven’t had one for years) so I also loved the poem and the photograph. The critters do have a way of charming me. Good luck with the upcoming scan. I’ll be thinking about you.

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  6. Yep, I love this one, Neal. Just got around to reading it today after our email exchange. I have determined to NOT take on any more animals for my “own”, but to only love other peoples’. There’s not shortage in my life!


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