Maizie, circa 1998 – April 1, 2013

I’m not sure what to say on this page.

Other blogs have really clever “About” pages.  This one does not.  Chemo and radiation killed the few clever cells I had left, and, if I’m honest, I doubt I had that many to begin with.

About me:  I’m a proud introvert, half-deaf and keep to myself, as a result.  My Twitter bio reads, “Useless old person. Friend to animals, Earth and science. Knows how to use apostrophes.”  Besides my grandkids being my moon and stars, that about sums it up.

Oh, I guess I should mention that the last four years of the grifting, inbred shitshow that ravaged our government have only served to enhance the already healthy malcontent in me so if you’re inclined to want to argue, just move on.  I’ll block you anyway.

Who is Maizie?

My dog Maizie was the single most loving, beautiful, gentle, sweet creature to ever draw breath.

My daughter and I rescued Maizie in 2000, running along a busy street.  She was young, maybe around two. Exhausted and scared, she crawled into the car like she knew us and promptly fell asleep. We went through the motions of finding whomever she was running away from, but when he called and said he couldn’t understand how she escaped since he always kept her “tied to a tree and she never got loose before,” we decided she deserved better.  She came into our hearts and our home for 13 treasured years, like that’s where she belonged.  And she did.

In the spring of 2013 we lost our sweet girl to cancer.  Her spirit is with me always, but, oh, what I would give to feel her warm, velvet ears on my face.

Why Blog?

I’ve always loved pens and paper and design and color, and I guess that attraction transferred to the computer.  (I was a Web developer in my working life.)  Tell the truth, it’s more fun playing with themes and colors than it is actual writing.

I’m not a writer, but I love words and language. The idea of having an anonymous little space to record thoughts and impressions is enjoyable. Think of me as your introverted neighbor waving hello from my porch (no, I don’t want you to come in, just wave) and screaming into the void about the stupidity of humankind.

Also, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2015. Then the blog was an outlet to help me record and recall the big and little moments of those first days when it was all such a blur, and reflect on what those days mean to me now. I remember scouring the Web searching desperately for answers, so if reading about my experience will help even one person going through the same thing, then it’s worth it.

If you would like to contact me, dearmaizie1 at gmail dot com.

19 responses to “About”

  1. LOL – ain’t it the truth! Enjoying your blog and your storytelling.


  2. Dear Maizie,

    I am simply beyond impressed that someone of your–oh dear, this is going to come out all wrong. And I’m NOT a specie-ist, truly I’m not! With the possible exceptions of sharks, arachnids, and so-called domestic cats, and those are just matters of self-protection and good taste.

    Perhaps what I meant to say, or rather, ask, was: How DO you manage the blog’s data entry? I cannot picture a paw-adapted keyboard, and one imagines that a pointer held in canine teeth and used at length would bring (not to be indelicate) attendant drool issues.

    This is merely my insatiable curiosity; if too personal, please forgive and ignore. For, however you accomplish it, you ARE accomplished at it. I’ve read only two posts thus far, but thoroughly enjoyed them both.

    A tip of the hat and wag of the tail to you!

    –O. Babe

    P. S. Thank you so very much for the “follow” on The Last Half. I am honored to welcome my first Canine-hyphenated-Country of Citizenship.

    “The Last Half is an equal-opportunity site inviting all to be equally ignored (one comment languished for two years before a reply), humiliated (see all responses to my friend Joey–who deserves my disdain), and bored (see the “Poor Unread Posts” menu on the main page right).”


  3. If you really are a dog, it’s been over 7 years since you posted on your “about” page. Fess up Maizie. We’re (at least I am) curious.


  4. Well, Iwill patiently wait to see what you come up and read your posts in the meantime 😉


  5. Glad to connect via Victo Dolore. Thanks for the like and I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Welcome! I love Victo Dolore’s blog, too. I’m just awful about posting regularly, but I’m trying to change that. It’s the introvert in me, I think.

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      1. Glad to hear that you want to post more regularly. Me too! Blogging is just plain hard sometimes. Let’s cheer each other on to blogging success!


  6. I will happily check out your posts over the next time and get to ‘meet’ you like this. Miss Understood guided me over here.

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  7. I’m new at this “cancer” thing. I have been diagnosed with early lung cancer. A 5.3 centimeter tumor is located in the upper left lung. I have an appointment at MD ANDERSON January 10. Until then, can I just crawl in bed and play on my phone and pretend the world doesn’t exist?

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    1. Oh good god. I just looked at your blog before I replied to your comment. That picture! Is that you?? Thought I was going to faint just looking at it!

      Okay… now that I’ve calmed down. : )

      Howardannebaumann, first let me say how sorry I am to hear about your diagnosis. Your tumor is about the size of mine when I was diagnosed, but mine was in the upper right lung. I was diagnosed Stage 2 in April 2015, treated at MD Anderson and am currently in remission.

      You’ve made a very wise choice going there. You’re going to love it and you’ll be getting THE best care you can receive. Do you live near Houston?

      Thanks for visiting the blog. I’m terrible at posting, but trying to get better. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your diagnosis and I’ll answer any questions you have about MDACC. Please email me at dearmaizie1@gmail.com if you feel so inclined. I’d love to hear from you!


  8. I like your style…I’m not sure I’m doing this right as I had a long comment for you and I lost it…so short and sweet I’m gonna try again.

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  9. Well, I sent you 2 emails as I was having trouble with the blogging process. So, why did you freak out about the picture? The picture of me?
    On our way to MD, first appointment, can’t wait! I’m hoping to get answers…so, I’ll be back. So, when I blog, do I have to give a description of my problems or just start writing whatever hits me?
    I read somewhere that a lot of cancer patients ask WHY? But, not me…I think my 32 year habit just finally caught up with me. Although I quit in 1996.
    And anger?? I’m not so angry 😡 as I am numb? Despondent? I just keep thinking, a prognosis of
    5 years??? REALLY? And I’m SO NOT looking forward to more tests. However, I will say this, one of the perks of having cancer is being treated like royalty…

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    1. I think I got all your emails, but I’ll keep checking. I missed these comments. Glad I checked the comments again.

      Did we get clear on the picture? That is your blog is it not, howardannebaumann.com? The picture of the woman doing the yoga pose on the mountain ledge? No, not your Gravatar picture! You’re beautiful!

      When you “blog,” you don’t have to do anything! It’s your blog!

      As for asking why, I never did either, HAB (can I call you HAB? sure would save an old woman from typing that long name). I’m not a person who looks for answers like that because I don’t think there are any. It was a matter of cell mutation.

      Anger, same thing. I do not see my cancer as an enemy or a fight. It is a disease. And I am not a warrior either. For some people it helps to picture their cancer as a battle. Fine for them. Doesn’t help me.

      Numb, despondent, depressed, like being pushed off a cliff. All of the above. But you go on. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.


  10. You can call me HA not ha like in ha ha , but H .A. I really don’t know what I think about having NSCLC…I like to joke about it. I have a sense of dry , black humor. I enjoy sarcasm as long as it is funny, not cruel. I love the Beatles. I was in front of the tv with my sister yelling and swooning as they played on Ed Sullivan. I can still hear my dad chuckling in the background. He loved music as well. That’s why Hank Williams is above Elvis. Mozart is cool. Buffie Saint Marie, country, old better than new, Folk music is a biggie with me. And my life is a collection of cliches from my favorite movies. We’re a close knit family and the first test we hit new acquaintances with is, “Have you seen Ole Yeller?” Well, that’s just a sample of how my thoughts run. More to come …on the other side of the pillow.

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  11. I’m visiting you this morning, hoping you are well. I was so sorry to hear about Maizie and feel the same way about all of the wonderful pets I’ve had during my lifetime. It is so hard to lose something that is such a major part of your life. I was taken by your blog title because one of my favorite mystery series is Maisie Dobbs. I love the name Maizie. And your Maizie is quite beautiful.

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    1. Oh, I love the Maisie Dobbs mysteries. And I see you have a new mystery coming out! Can’t wait to read it.

      Thanks for your kind words and for visiting!

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      1. A kindred spirit for sure!


  12. Your bravery takes my words away.


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