Pressing Questions

I have two pressing questions today.  The first most of you will relate to; the second, maybe not everyone.

Question One:  I’d rather take a bloody beating, but I have to buy a new washer. I wash a lot of human and animal bedding, so large capacity, at least 4.7 cu.ft. Got that part.

Why do I wash a lot of  bedding?  Because I made the huge mistake earlier in my life of accumulating a working zoo of animals in my house, all of whom appear to be immortal and all with varied hair lengths. While I’m happy to have them sleep on the bed, I don’t want to share their hair and the unidentified schmutz they pick up when they go outside 50 times a day to see what that noise was, and then deposit on the day quilt and comforter.  Also cat butts.

So I need your help. Maytag? Whirlpool? Another brand?  Not too high end. (Remember, the chances of me being around another 3 to 5 are slim to none.)

Agitator? Impeller (aka HE)?

I need an answer from some smart people because there are apparently none who work at the one local, independent appliance store in my town. We have a Lowe’s and a Home Depot, but I prefer to support local businesses when I can. I may have to rethink that commitment.

Unfortunately, this store’s primary sales strategy for selling washing machines seems to be blaming (alternately) the Democrats/Obama and the government for tromping on our god-given rights by regulating how much water we can use. Oh, absolutely. Because we all know we can trust millions of other people to be as responsible as we are – if the government would just leave us all alone.

Question Two:  Probably not kosher blog etiquette to ask this, but having cancer makes you not care what you say anymore, so here goes:  Anybody know what happened to Victo Dolore of Behind the White Coat? She just stopped blogging and her WordPress account is now private.  Also, Grandma Lin at Breathing Space? No posts since December. I know she follows this blog, so just wondering if everything’s okay.

Pressing. Questions. Get back to me ASAP.

13 responses to “Pressing Questions”

  1. Not much help with the washer. We have a Whirlpool HE and like it but we did not get top of the line. Other than cat and human bedding, our needs are minimal and not all that dirty. I wondered about the White Coat too but assumed she stop blogging. I haven’t seen her commenting anywhere. I always wish that bloggers would announce when they are “leaving.” Makes it easier for us readers.

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    1. So you like your Whirlpool HE? I’m looking at one. It’s not top of the line either but good enough for what I need. Which one do you have? Same situation here, too, Kate. Our clothes don’t need anything special. But I do have to have durability for the large and hairy loads and the occasional animal accident.

      I feel the same about bloggers “leaving.” I miss my regulars and want to know they’re okay. I promise I’ll let everyone know when I stop. You, too.

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      1. Our Model # is WFW7590FW0. It’s about a year or so old so I don’t know if it’s still available. Doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it cleans well. The newer machines have a new mechanism that prevents them from “walking.” Stabilizers. The down side is that they are sensitive to stopping if the load gets even a little off balance but I expect they all do that.


  2. Anita Figueras Avatar
    Anita Figueras

    We have an LG top loading HE machine, but that may be higher end than you are looking for. Pros: nice large interior without agitator makes it easy to wash large, bulky items like comforters. Also I like the little song it sings when the load is done. Cons: if overloaded, dark clothes have patches of lint even if you choose an extra time. Also you cannot select a spin cycle alone, which is a pain if you want to spin out a hand washed sweater without washing or rinsing it in the machine.

    Re: disappearing bloggers – we know that things can change fast. Alas, that must be what happened. It’s super hard to write when things are going downhill.

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    1. LG huh? I’ll check into that brand more. I looked at a Samsung at Lowe’s but they discouraged me because any repair has to come out of Houston.

      Yeah, change happens fast in our LC world. I guess that’s why I depend so much on sameness, habit, things being there, like blogs.


      1. It sounds like I have the same LG machine as other commenter. It’s deep and holds bulky comforters or pet bedding. The tub is deep so it takes long arms to reach the bottom. So far so good. 8 years ago I bought a Maytag thinking it would be my last washer. Wrong! I’ve since learned Maytags aren’t what they used to be. Good luck. It’s good to hear from both you and grandmalin.

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      2. And good to hear from you, Mercy! Thanks for the LG vote.

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    2. p.s. Anita. You still owe me an email update on what’s going on with you!


  3. Holy crap, has it really been since December? I’m fine Maizie, just fed up with politics and corruption and disasters. And oh yeah, winter. And kind of tired of listening to myself. lol. I don’t know anything about washing machines except they cost too damned much. And I don’t know what happened to the white coat lady, but I miss her too. One of these days I will shock the hell out of people and post something. I swear it WILL happen. Just like spring will arrive. Thanks for thinking of me. xxoo

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  4. So glad you commented! I figured you were just on a break, but I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Hope we’ll learn the same about Victo.

    Yes, washers cost too much, that’s about the only thing I’ve learned, too.

    Thanks for checking in!


  5. I can offer no suggestions about washers; but I can offer appreciation of your thought ending with “…if the government would just leave us all alone.” Loved it. As for disappearing bloggers, I miss them and wish I’d been given a chance to tell them how much I enjoyed reading their posts.

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  6. Did you ever find out what happened to Victo Dolore? I’ve been somewhat absent from the blogoverse so didn’t notice when she disappeared, but I recently got back to blogging and suddenly realized I hadn’t seen her. I loved her posts … Never read one without burrowing down and reading at least three more. I’ve requested access to her site, but saw this post by you and thought I’d ask.


    1. No, sorry, I didn’t. When you type in the URL, there’s a message that it’s a private blog. Too bad, I enjoyed her, too.

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