The Boss of Everything

Youngest grandson, seven, called me this afternoon and wanted to know would I come pick him up “now or later, whichever is best for you” and take him to Game Stop to buy a Skylanders figure (pricy video game paraphernalia,  don’t ask).

Seems his older brother was invited to a friend’s house for the day and since he wasn’t invited and didn’t have anywhere to go it was only fair that he get a toy to compensate for this cruel injustice.

I asked him what Mom thought about this scheme and did she know he was calling me.  He said, “Well, Didi, since you’re really the boss of everything, you can tell Mommy what to do.”

Just wanted to let y’all know in case you thought you were the boss of everything.

6 responses to “The Boss of Everything”

  1. Such a master negotiator. Or is that manipulator?

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  2. I especially liked how he threw in the thoughtful touch, “now or later, whichever is best for you.” Stinker.


  3. Such a charming story. You have to love them, don’t you? And congratulations on being the boss of everything, though it seems quite a responsibility.

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    1. It is, AB, but somebody’s gotta do it. : )


  4. Girl, was there every any doubt about your bossness?

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    1. It’s a big job but somebody’s gotta do it. ☺


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