Goodbye, Stephen Hawking

I’ve mentioned before that I use this blog mostly as a repository of things I want to remember since, you know, chemobrain. Here’s an example.  I don’t know a black hole from a pot hole, but I know it mattered that he did.

An extraordinary human (and fellow atheist) left us today.  Thank you Stephen Hawking for your beautiful mind, your amazing work, your humor and your hope.

6 responses to “Goodbye, Stephen Hawking”

  1. He was indeed amazing. He’s an inspiration to us all and his humor was so great!

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  2. My father told me to read “A Brief History of Time” one summer. I was so delighted that my brilliant dad would think I was smart enough to understand it! I took it on vacation, with my husband and three little kids. I tried. I read it. I don’t understand it. But: I was so happy to know that there were minds like Hawking’s out there who did. And I talked about him often with my special ed students. “You have ADD? So what? Have I told you about professor Hawking?”

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    1. I had a similar encounter with the book, though not with my dad and I didn’t finish the book. (So, how is that similar, she asks.) I tried. And maybe I’ll try again. I feel pretty lame saying, “Oh, I can’t read that. It’s just too hard,” when we’re talking about Stephen Hawking.

      I love that you used him as an example to your SE students. That does not surprise me getting to know you a bit through your blog. Geez, I wish there were more teachers like you.

      Thanks for your comments. Hawking should be an example – no, a beacon – to us all.


      1. Oh, thank you for those kind words!

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  3. I’ve long admired this amazing man and your last sentence is the thank you I, too, would like to send to him. I enjoyed browsing the documents you provided.

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    1. He was truly a force. Thanks for stopping by!


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