And now for my thoughts on guns…

Just kidding.

My opinion is worth about two cents, so unless it would result in some real change, I won’t add to the debate except to say that change will never happen as long as the NRA owns the U. S. Congress. More power to the Parkland kids, though.  I hope they don’t give up.

Two notable links this morning:

— El Jefe at Juanita Jean’s has this thoughtful piece called “The Tipping Point on Gun Violence.”

— The Thoughts and Prayers Make-up Look.  (H/T to YouCallThatArt)

Hope to post more regularly soon, but I probably won’t. Real life seems to get in the way, and I just can’t seem to focus anyway.

There.  Aren’t you glad I kept my opinion to myself?

15 responses to “And now for my thoughts on guns…”

  1. For some reason I’m not able to “like” this post! But I do like it and I agree wholeheartedly.


    1. Funny you should ask. I’m in the middle of trying to figure that out myself. I think WP took that feature away. Maybe I have to pay more? Maybe so people will comment? Who knows? If anyone does, let us know!

      Thanks, nanonoyz!

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      1. WP gets weird sometimes.

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  2. That is one heck of a makeup line.

    I have news about my health situation – will send an email soon.


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    1. Clever, I thought.

      Hoping it’s good news you’re sending me!


  3. I figured out where the Like button went. Seems I don’t have the Business plan, which is $200 per year more than my current plan. You can still Like if you read the blog through the WP Reader, just not on the site itself.

    WordPress, you suck.


    1. I didn’t have any trouble hitting like. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know. And for liking!


    2. I easily tapped on like without a problem


      1. How weird. When i access the blog on my Kindle, the Like button shows up but not when i access it from my PC. Thanks for letting me know, Mercy.


  4. Actually, I’d like to hear your opinion on guns. I’ll bet we’re on the same page. Until then, I thank you for directing us to such a well written, well thought-out post. El Jefe is so articulate on the subject and if I thought it would do any good I’d use some of his reasoning points when listening to a few gun fanatics that share my DNA. Juanita Jean’s site is new to me and I’ll be back.
    The deadpan humor of the makeup artist is delightful. I enjoyed some of her other videos.
    I agree about the intelligent young voices from Parkland. Day after day I’m more discouraged. They give me hope.

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  5. I bet we’re simpatico, too, about guns and a lot of other stuff.

    I love Juanita Jean’s Salon, too. She’s a Texas treasure. kinda stepped in when we lost our beloved Molly Ivins. Susan (real name) and her husband Don, an attorney and known as El Jefe in the blog, live outside of Houston and are very active in Texas Democratic politics. I really admire her beyond the blog.

    Good to hear from you!

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  6. I like hearing you opinions. So, NO, I’m not glad you kept it to yourself! So there.

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    1. I sure like seeing your beautiful face in the comments!


  7. You may not have shared your opinions, but this sentence, ” I won’t add to the debate except to say that change will never happen as long as the NRA owns the U. S. Congress,” was enough to let me know we are on the same page. I love the way the Parkland students have adopted the motto “vote them out.”

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