We could use a little music, hm?

This morning I was dusting my computer keyboard with a cloth, pressing pretty hard on the keys, which opened up several apps at the same time.  (“Apps.”  They’re those things we used to call programs.)  One of them was iTunes.  My whole library of music started playing.  I hadn’t listened to some of the songs in a while, so I let the whole library play alphabetically all the way through to the U’s.

I have many favorite songs, but I have to say I can’t think of a more beautiful one than “Unchained Melody.”   I have about 5 versions of it.

I grew up in the 50’s so I’m partial to the first version I heard, by Les Baxter.  But I also grew up in the 60’s, so the Righteous Brothers version (linked below also) is a favorite too.  The prettiest is the orchestral version scored by Maurice Jarre, which is the one they used in the movie “Ghost.”

The great Sam Cooke had a voice like a bell.  I don’t particularly like this arrangement of the song, but I do love his voice. Here’s his version.

“Unchained Melody” was composed in 1954 by Alex North with lyrics by Hy Zaret.  Did you know it was written by North and Zaret for a prison movie?  Interesting.

Don’t say you didn’t learn anything today.

I miss Patrick Swayze.  He was a nice man.

Stop what you’re doing and take a listen to one of the versions above.  Here. I’ll make it easy for you.  Dancing is allowed.


I bet James Comey could use a little music today.

Holy freaking hell.

Shades of 1973’s “Saturday Night Massacre.”  It took them 10 months after that to get rid of Nixon.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to get these rats out of the pool house.

In honor of 1973, here’s one of the Top 100 songs of 1973.

7 responses to “We could use a little music, hm?”

  1. We used to call this a belly grinder at the dances. You always wanted to dance with someone special.

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  2. Righteous Brothers. I forgot them. I need to listen to more music.

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    1. I don’t listen to enough either anymore. It’s the hearing thing, which I know you understand.

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      1. Yes. That is such a huge loss — I was such a music person. Now I have a lot of hearing back because of the cochlear implant but the sound isn’t the same and somehow I’ve learned to live with a lot of silence. Working my way back though….

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  3. I’m with you on both Unchained Melody and the rats in the pool house. In 1990 when I was teaching in Carson City, NV, I convinced the high school band director to use Unchained Melody as the show piece in his marching band show. The crowds went crazy every time the song started and he eventually won a top rating in competition; and I decided the world loves Unchained Melody as much as I do. Sadly, I missed the Doobie Brothers in 1973. I think I was living in the woods with my forest ranger husband. Thanks for the memories, Maizie.

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    1. Sorry I took so long to acknowledge your comment!


  4. Rachel McAlpine Avatar
    Rachel McAlpine

    Just what I needed, thanks — a big swoopy dance around the study.

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