When you don’t have enough to do

Some asters I planted a couple of years ago. Nothing to do with this post, just pretty.

Or, actually, you do, but you’re not doing it.

I’m trying to decide if I want to keep this blog, but that’s a post for another day.  For now I’m playing with how the site looks.  It’s called the theme in Web parlance.  I used to be a Web developer when I was a real person with a job and a life, so I know these very complicated things.

This is WordPress’s Twenty Seventeen theme.  I like it because it’s simple and clean.  Also versatile.  And FREE.

I can change the font (typeface) without having to revise the stylesheet code manually.  I like that.  That used to be part of my job as a Web developer.  Now everything is so automated.  No wonder we have so much free time!

I’m not crazy about the size of the header image (see, again, technical Web talk you wouldn’t understand) and having to scroll down to actually read something, but I like the picture of that plant on a coffee table so I’ll leave it for now.

The picture looks inviting.  Homey, clean, like you’d want to sit down, relax and have coffee with whomever lived there. (Or is it whoever? I don’t think so because it’s the object of a preposition, isn’t it?)

If I put that plant on my coffee table it would be on the floor, dragged and spread throughout the house, eaten and vomited up before I  could get the vacuum cleaner.  Animals. Filthy buggers.

So, what do you think of the theme?  Don’t everybody answer at once because, you know, there are so many of you and it would take me days to  read all the comments.

12 responses to “When you don’t have enough to do”

  1. Nice theme. I want to change mine but I don’t want to spend time getting to know a new one. Just lazy!

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  2. I think you should have a picture of you. 🙂

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    1. Oh no. Not photogenic. I think I have exactly ONE picture of me somewhere. Maybe someday, like my obituary, like my last blog post. : )

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      1. I love your dog. But it would be nice to see you. 🙂

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  3. I like the new format and enjoyed gazing at the perfect plant in the well dusted room, but I snorted my coffee as I laughed aloud at your description yourself. You do have a way with words. I’m concerned that you’re thinking of abandoning your blog. If I sent you a case of fine wine or a few bottles Boone’s Farm Apple, whichever you prefer, would you reconsider?

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    1. Yeah, I loved that picture, too. But years of having animals conditions your brain to see the consequences before the beauty. I saw that plant on that table and thought oh look, isn’t that pretty and clean. No cat hair or stray claw sheaths or dog slobber or litter remnants sticking to little feet anywhere on that shiny table. And look, the soil is still in the pot. The next thought was what I described in the post.

      I’m glad it gave you a laugh. A big part of the reason I keep the blog is to laugh, so I’m encouraged when anyone else thinks what I write is funny.

      I hope to write a post soon about whether to keep the blog or not. I look forward to your feedback. It’s important to me.


  4. The header image is smart-looking but I like your purple asters even more.

    I’d better start typing because I read and often re-read your every post but I’m just too lazy to comment.
    I’ll be disappointed if you discontinue your blog….your opinions mirror my own but I’m less able to express them.

    I’m a retired oncology nurse and I’ve had breast cancer, twice. I’m familar with the cutting and the poisoning and the burning that constitutes treatment. I’m familiar with the reassessment of what’s important and the knowledge that a test can change my outlook in a moment.

    With the second diagnosis I was sure I’d bought the farm. Facing more treatment I decided I would rather die with fritters on my breath than watercress so here I am six years later much fatter. Fatter and with residual side effects but I tell myself at least I’m here to complain that nothing fits.

    I ramble on about myself to let you know there are others in the netherworld who appreciate your humor and honestly and want to hear what you share.

    I’ll remain optimistic that re-assessing the format inspires you to continue your blog.

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    1. Wow, twice. You’ve been through it, haven’t you? And being an oncology nurse — did that make it easier or harder that you knew what was going to happen?

      Thanks for your encouragement. I’d say you do a pretty good job of expressing your opinions. And it’s nice to know someone else feels the way I do. But I sure wish you’d open up your blog to the rest of us!

      I had to laugh at your statement about being fatter! When I was done with chemo and radiation I had lost about 20 pounds. I was moderately overweight before, so it was a welcome reduction. Thing is, my brain was so addled by the end of treatment I had it fixed in my mind that the weight loss was permanent! Not kidding. I look back on that now and wonder what I was thinking. Anyway, here I am with the same 20 pounds back. But feeling the same as you. Fritters over watercress any time.


  5. You’re right, it’s “whomever.” See? We need you to keep on blogging. Okay, for other reasons, too.

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    1. I thought so but no one says “whomever” anymore. It’s “whoever.” Same thing with “lend” and “loan.” Why don’t people say “lend” anymore?


  6. I love looking at other people’s themes and think this one is nice and clean. Being a simple person, I find the more complicated, cluttered pages with lots of color very bad for my ADHD personality. I just cna’t get up the patience to focus one one thing and go for it. But some of my favorite bloggers have themes like this and I do my best to navigate through their choices. And if they have “Pictures or photographs” as a choice, I’ll go for that because by this time, my brain is too tired for any text. So, I like your theme and encourage you to keep blogging even if it’s intermittently. People always seem to show up when you return from a hiatus. (I agree about the header size and often have problems fitting my own photos into it.) Wait a minute! It just occured to me, this may be my theme? Good choice!

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    1. I spend a lot of time looking at blog themes. I like design stuff, maybe that’s why.

      Nice to know someone else has a tired brain!

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