Maybe I’m a little on edge because later this week I’ll have my first scans since completing treatment at MD Anderson.  This nervousness is called “scanxiety,” I understand.  Ha, ha.  Cancer is hilarious.

Or maybe I’m a little agitated because I’m going through withdrawal from the prednisone I was taking for radiation pneumonitis.

Or maybe I’ve just had a gutful of hilarity from national butt boil (if butt boils were funny) Donald Trump.  (Please. Go away now.)

Whatever is making me anxious has picked a scab — one I became aware of only after I became a member of the cancer community.  It’s the stigma surrounding lung cancer and smoking.

I was working on a post and about ready to go with it when I saw this short-and-sweet over at Gray Connections. She says what I wanted to say better than I could.   Thanks, Janet.

Anyone can get lung cancer.  Even non-smokers, so please be kind to each other.

6 responses to “Agita”

  1. “butt boil” wins the award of the day! I love it.

    And BTW, anyone who says any cancer or heart disease victim “deserves” to die for any reason, is lower than a Butt Boil in my opinion. Soulless people who lack any form of compassion have no place in social society.

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    1. Butt boil is the only thing that comes to mind when I see Trump.

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  2. Butt Boil! Awesome! I can’t understand why anyone anywhere would take that asshole seriously.
    I understand the test and scan anxiety all too well! Sending loving positive vibes your way.❤️❤️

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    1. Ain’t that the truth! What a clown.
      Thanks for your hearts. : )

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  3. Thanks for this post and for the link to Gray Connections. I hate the way our culture gets all hoity-toity and points the finger of blame at those who suffer from mental illness or depression, those who smoke and get lung cancer, and those who don’t exercise and happen to be heavier than the skinny norm that rules on TV, in the movies, and in magazines. When did smugness about one’s superiority become commonplace? And, yes, that would apply to the butt-boil you, your other readers, and I all deplore.

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    1. Aunt Beulah, you always make the best points. Thanks.


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