Now what?

Just when I was getting the hang of cancer treatment, it’s over. (And I always whisper to myself “yeah, for now” but you can’t hear me say that.)

I had my last carboplatin/paclitaxel ritual poisoning two weeks ago.

Thirty radiation treatments, five rounds of chemo, a clinical trial I got kicked off of because I was in the hospital with pneumonia and missed a chemo session, radiation pneumonitis, rashes, dry skin, runny nose, cough, supplemental oxygen and other various and sundry irritations and annoyances, and it’s over.

Now what?

I’ve read about this part of the cancer experience.  The waiting.  The wondering.  Is it gone?  I won’t know for 8 weeks when I’m scheduled for a PET scan.

I finally got caught up on reading all your blogs.  You make me laugh, cry and think.  Thank you.

So, I got nuthin’ except to say I’m doing well for now and I love not having hair.  Really.